On the way to Lantau Island

Eleanor and  I went a little ga-ga with photos while taking the long cable car ride to Lantau Island. We took the crystal cabin cable car which was only a tad more expensive than the usual cable car but the glass bottom was worth the price!

“Equipped with a glass bottom, the all new Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin is designed to feast your eyes with an astonishing bird’s eye view. Feel the magic of the boundless sea and the rolling grassland slopes right underneath your feet. The new perspective allows you to look at an extraordinarily uncluttered scenery, as if you are flying on your own.” – NP360 guide

We shared the cabin with 2 American girls that were frantically cam-whoring as much as we were! It’s quite hilarious actually!

I’ve always gone to Lantau Island via cable car which is probably the most touristy way of getting there. Maybe next time I’ll try the ferry service.

For those interested, the round trip price for the crystal cabin to Lantau is only HKD 169 per adult while the normal cabin round trip is priced at HKD153 per adult.



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