Ocean Park

A full breakfast of hand made noodles, xiao long pao and fried wontons! Yummy! Then off we go to Ocean Park! The last time I went to Ocean Park was probably 10 years back!

I look kinda messy and grumpy cause I’m not quite a morning person! Thankfully the weather was good and that cheered me up a bit. After the first few hours of the day I usually progress back to my chirpy self. Unlike me, my sister is always hyper!

Pretty in pink flamingos!

We met a new friend in Hong Kong, Li Xiang, who was traveling with his mother but was prowling the sights of Hong Kong on his own and he joined us for our Ocean Park adventure. He was really very sweet!

They have an aviary in the park but it wasn’t impressive to me… maybe cause I was comparing it to the Singapore Bird Park’s standards and it didn’t measure up.

The main mascot for Ocean Park is “Whiskers” a sea lion. The sea lions are all kept at a habitat called the Pacific Pier. The Pacific Pier is designed to emulate an actual North Californian Pier and it houses 20 seals and sea lions.

The feeding session was really fun! And we proceeded to take pictures with “Whiskers” the waving sea lion.

It was all very silly but in good fun! We spent the next hour or so conquering some of the rides. Janice was really whiny about how scared she was of the roller coaster rides but she seem to enjoy the rides more than me!!! She was even reluctant to break for lunch!

Here are some gorgeous views of Ocean Park and the South China Sea taken from the Ocean Park Tower. The view as we got higher up was really scenic. The 2 major roller coaster rides were all near the water built on cliffs.

We went for the marine animal show. It was hard to decide which show to go see cause there were quite a number of them in different areas and timings so we just went with our gut. We there pretty early and were entertained by some musicians.

The show ” Sea Dreams” was about sea lions and dolphins. The sea lions look so glossy and muscular! I love the shine! The dolphins also put up a spectacular show of jumps and splashes. It was easier to catch them on video rather than on the camera.

Next stop, the aquariums!

The Atoll Reef is designed to resemble the Indo-Pacific coral island. There are more than 2000 fishes in this  four level aquarium.

Janice was fascinated when she saw this “Chanel Sting Ray” *lol* It’s actually just a refection of my bag’s logo from glass when I took the picture.

The one mistake we did was to head to the cable car too late! The queue is horrendous and since the only way out of the park is to take the cable car down… no one had any choice!

The super long queue meant we have to give the Giant Panda exhibit a miss! And I know Janice was really looking forward to that. Don’t worry dear, there’ll always be next time.

The bus queue to the MTR was another long wait! Gosh! No wonder we were totally starving by the time we headed near our hotel. 

A simple dinner and some curry fish-balls were good enough to satisfy us! There’s still another day tomorrow!

A video clip of our Ocean Park adventures is for your viewing!


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