Niu Nails

Niu Nails

Before Chinese New Year, I was considering getting my nails pimped up but didn’t have the time to source for a good nail artist so my dearest friend, Regina, recommended Niu Nails to me as she said that Serene could even do a house call if I was too busy. It sounded perfect for my busy schedule. The following 2 photos are of Regina’s lovely nail designs that were both done by Serene of Niu Nails.

After some liaising with Serene on whatsapp, I realised that it’ll also be just as convenient for me to drop by her place at Hougang since I’ll be around the area.

In a very cosy home environment, Serene has a manicure area set up in front a a large wall mounted wide screen TV. We discussed some ideas on what I’ll like to have on my nails. She suggested the ever popular My Little Pony inspired nail art since it is the Year of the Horse. I wanted something more neutral as I had quite a few serious meetings at the office that month and even though I personally love ” My Little Pony”, it might be too loud for work.

One of the reasons why I don’t do my nails as often as I should is because I always feel bored while getting a manicure done. However, Serene is a joy to chat with and time passes quicker than expected.

Here’s my simple black and nude nails with girly heels designs. I love that this design went with everything I wore; complimenting my outfits without being too outstanding. From cheongsums to a 3 piece office suit, the nails blended seamlessly.

Niu Nails express manicure starts at $11 while their gel manicure is $38. Definitely one of the more affordable nail artists I’ve seen. If you have a little one in tow, let them try a mini manicure for only $5!

For more information or to book an appointment with Serene of Niu Nails, call her at 81136741 or email her at 🙂


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