Night time in the City Of Bath

I’ve been very very sick since I got back from my beach trip. Fever, cold sweat, flu, cough… the works. And I didn’t even have the energy to log online at all.  I’ll be safely tucked into bed now trying to ride over my flu instead of blogging but I’ve got a flight to catch in a few hours and I better be awake so I don’t miss it!

Back to where I left off, the City of Bath is a beautiful one and it’s worth staying at least one night there.

The day I was there, they had a night market going on. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent thing or just for that weekend but it was absolutely delightful! And I got to ride on a carousel! Yes, I know it’s a tad childish for a lady my age to still enjoy carousel rides but I do!

So if you are like me and enjoy non-age appropriate activities, go ahead and enjoy yourself. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone else I really don’t see why not. Happiness is such a valuable commodity and there are so many people out there that seems to want to put a limit to it. But at the end of the day if I’m happy then I don’t have to care what others say. If you’re thinking that I’m speaking about more than just my little joy ride then you’re probably right… lol.

I guess I’ve been seeing a lot of unnecessary streaks of meanest in people recently. From strangers to strangers and from lovers to friends. I don’t believe that they realize what they are doing exactly but it’s still a little sad to see how people can get so easily worked up over the smallest of issues and spread that unhappiness to someone else. I’m wondering if society’s stress is getting too much for people to bear or is just lashing out without thinking just a trendy with people these days. If we could just plant one seed of kindness a day… how more beautiful life could be.

I know I’m totally digressing! But I think the pictures speak for themselves! I was very happy in Bath… somehow it felt a little less gloomy there compared to London even though the weather was pretty much the same. Overcast and drizzling !

Other than the quaint village market, I think I really enjoyed having hot chocolate drinks while people watching at the cafes there. It is the really thick and chocolaty espresso sort so do try if you are a chocolate lover!

And I’ll end my little segment on Bath with a video! ( You can only watch this video on )



  1. May 18, 2010 / 9:06 am

    Love the photos of you on the carousel! Very well-taken and artistic – probably because of the contrast of colours!

    • May 24, 2010 / 1:12 pm

      Miss Glitzy,


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