NDP 2009

I’m sure most of you must have enjoyed the long weekend that just passed. I honestly feel lucky to be born in Singapore and though like every other Singaporean I might complain about this and that… I do feel proud to be a Singapore citizen. Proud at the progress of the tiny little red dot and there is still a very strong sense of belonging for me.

This year my family had gotten hold of some NDP tickets and we all wore our red-est outfits to celebrate Singapore’s independence.  I only took a photo with my dad cause mum was camera shy! You can catch her on the video though! Getting to the City Hall area and being a part of the crowd was so festive! I’m glad that there are so many Singaporeans and foreigners alike that have set aside time to gather and celebrate together.

Unfortunately, being minor anemic, I cannot be in crowded places for too long. I need more oxygen that a usual person and that meant that I couldn’t stay long to enjoy the entire NDP spectaculars. So my family left earlier to get a good dinner away from the maddening crowds. To have a feel of how it was like and how many people were in the area just watch the short video below.


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