N.E.mation! 6: Behind the scenes

I’m not sure if you still remember blogging about N.E.mation and how I had so much fun at a stop-motion workshop. Well, that was just the basics of stop motion. Using the same principles, there are so many creative ways of creating stop motion videos and I was at the back stage scene of the 10 finalist teams of the N.E.mation! 6 competition.

It was a total eye-opener. The area were divided into tents and each tent had a team working really hard to bring their ideas to life. The students were remarkably hard working, coming in very early in the morning to start work and staying till the wee hours. They were doing what professionals out there are doing except with a lot more passion and at a much younger age. It was a very motivational experience for me to see how hard they strive to win.

Harnessing their different talents, the used different mediums for their stop motion productions. Clay, water color, paper cut outs, drawing with gyroscopes and more! Every single movement has to be absolutely detailed! It’s honestly enough to drive some people insane!

But these students did what most adults have never been able to do in their lifetime and they did it with so much commitment and professionalism; it was simply impressive. I just walked through tent after tent with my eyes wide with wonder and my jaw dropping to the ground.

And finally I’m glad to announce that their work is complete! You can visit http://nemation.sg to view their full videos and participating in choosing the top 3 videos. It’s gonna be a tough choice to make cause I think they are all really good!

I think that their home grown talent should be appreciated and commended and I would vote even if there were no incentives. But N.E.mation! is really kind to reward voters with the chance of winning a prize as well. So here are the prizes that you might win should you vote for your top 3 videos.

Prizes to be Won

1iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G worth $848

1Xbox 360 Slim Console Black 4GB with Kinect worth $469

1Canon Powershot SX230HS worth $449

5Canon Selphy CP800 worth $199 each

2 pairsUniversal Studio Singapore Pass worth $150 for each pair

10CapitaMall vouchers worth $40 each

10 pairsGolden Village Movie Passes


On a completely unrelated note, here’s what I wore the day I headed down to the back scenes of the stop motion process to cheer the teams on. It’s was straight after work so I was a little washed out.





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