My new hairdo!

One of the first things I did in Tokyo was to get my hair done =) I simply loved how the japs layer and curl their hair… their cutting style was a perfect match for my volume deprived hair.

My salon of choice lies in the very trendy heart of Tokyo – Shibuya… and I simply adore what master stylist Hideyuk Kitazawa and colorist Mistsuharu Chiba did for me. Despite the language barrier they still managed to give me the end result I was looking for. They all gave excellent service and paid keen attention to give to a hairstyle that would suit my lifestyle. In fact.. all their customers walked out of their salon looking really good!

My sister waited hours for me at the salon so even though it was pretty costly… as a treat… I paid for her hair to be timmed =) She looks so much sweeter now!

Price-wise I think it’s comparable to salons such as ICON or MONSOON in singapore but in terms of service and customer satisfaction… I’ll go back there anytime! Hide and Chiba also gave me tips on the places to look out for in Tokyo… the kind that can’t be found in your regular travel guide… so to thank them I paid them a little visit on the last day of my trip to present them with tokens that represent singapore.

These are so pics of my new hairdo and the crew that helped! If you ever wanna get your tresses a new life in Japan just drop me a msg for the shop’s address.


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