My journey up Mt Titlis

Here I am at the base of Mount Titlis. It’s gonna be quite a journey up! Luckily I don’t have to climb up with my bare hands cause they have the world’s first revolving cable car!

It was a really long cable car ride up but the view was gorgeous. I generally don’t have a fear of heights so it was a very pleasant experience. Mount Titlis is 3238m high so the cable car has to be transited at a few stops along the way. The stops are Gerschnialp (1262m), Trübsee(1,796 m), Stand (2,428 m) before finally reaching Titus which is way above the glaciers!

I brought a little snack with me and had my picnic on the ice before heading to see the glacier caves. The snow-capped mountain makes a wonderful natural refrigeration fo my drinks!

It was my first time in a glacier cave.  It was really cold but not as cold as I would have expected it to be. I think it was colder outside because of the winds.

The cave is really dark even with the colored lighting that they’ve installed for tourists.

Will post more on Mt Titlus soon!




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