My doggies in an advert!

OK… hehe.. the title is a little misleading. My dogs were not featured in an advert. But the pack of japanese dog treat that Lerelyn brought over for my 2 babies does have a pair of dogs that looks quite a bit like Louis and Emmie!

Check out the photo below if you don’t believe me!

If my dogs were a tad younger and with the help of some photoshopping, I’m sure they’ll look even more alike!! ( Yes, I do know that they are of different breeds.)

Anyways, I had dinner with my family at a Zhi Char Restaurant with my family and Shannon recently. Here are some pictures with my sister.

And this is the dress I wore for the first and last time… cause I’m gonna give it to my sis. =) I had to wear it at least once before giving it to her since I already went through the trouble of altering it to fit me.


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