My Christmas post is overdue

Hey I know how very last season I’ve become when I’m posting Christmas photos and happenings in February! But life happens too fast too furious and I haven’t been having enough spare time to do massive leisure blogging. So I’m way way way behind! But better late than never right? And in the next couple of posts ( I just can’t fit all the photo watermarking and uploading in one sitting!), I’ll be touching on my Christmas season happenings.

Christmas has always been a big season for me. And it was almost an impossible task to find time off work to squeeze with the crazy crowd in town to do my Christmas shopping! I like to buy items for friends that I believe they will truly like and use so it takes awhile to pick and choose. It’s also pretty harmful to my own pocket to be tempted by the array of choices and wanting to get an extra one for myself as well! And then after choosing all the presents, it comes the wrapping! I did some wrapping at the stores but mostly I did some home DIY because the queue for gift wrapping intimidates me and I just don’t have the time to spare to wait in line. For all my friends who received Christmas gifts from me, I hope you like what you got!


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