My belated Birthday Party

First you saw my early b’day dinner and now you’ll get a glimpse at my belated party. I’m no young spring chicken anymore so I didn’t have a fancy huge party, just an intimate sit down dinner with my closest pals.

The food at raw kitchen was fantastic and I definitely go back! Company was really good too! I had so much fun catching up with everyone and I was so touched by the thought put into the different presents for me. My friends knew me well! Even Arielle and Andre attended 🙂

Instead of the usual cake, I went for mini cakes this year. That way I could save myself the trouble of cutting the cakes and everyone would have their own little miniature!

I am currently away and will be away for a couple of days so emails and comments will be slow but posts are scheduled daily so you’ll still see updates on the blog. Meanwhile, here’a video clip my my tiny dinner party!


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