Mist Mist Misting Away

Mist Mist Misting Away

I had a bit of a major crisis recently when my iMac suddenly died. Turns out that it was a hard drive issue and after an expensive repair and a complete loss of all my old data as a new hard drive had to be installed, I finally have my iMac back and can blog again. Luckily, I did a backup of most of my photos in the recent times so I didn’t lose too much valuable memories. I did however, lose some of my work documents as well as a couple of blog drafts I was working on offline so those had to be redone with not much choice on my part. I spent most of the last two days after coming back from my recent Maldives trip doing nothing but installing all the programs I lost! Moral of the story? Don’t be lazy. Always backup!

I know you have been having a whole lot of travel postings from me recently so I’m going to be focusing back on beauty, fashion and other lifestyle matters for awhile before sharing with you more of my travel adventures. I can’t believe it’s the end of august already. Time seems to be speeding up at an incredible rate! Today I want to share with you another beauty item that I’ve incorporated into my beauty routine and I think it’s fantastic. Other than the usual cleansing, toning/conditioning and moisturizing, I have been addicted to misting.

There are a whole bunch of misting products out there and I’m sure every one of them has their own benefits. I’m a huge advocate of hydration and hydrating products because hydrated skin helps your skin to prevent any excessive damage and helps to promote cell health. Currently, however, I’ve been using Dr. OGUMA Aquakey mist to give my face on-the-go hydration.

 Being in air-con all day can be really dry for your skin and I love how this works beautifully on my super sensitive skin. Dr. OGUMA Aquakey consists mainly of super-minuscule molecular water, mineral crystal ion, and oxygen, which are non-stimulating to skin. Therefore, frequent usage will have better effect on the metabolism of the skin. Skin is hydrated and healthy to prevent worsening of any conditions. Spray a layer anytime you feel dry, it’s okay over makeup as well. One of the things I do is that I will spray a more concentrated layer over my face after putting all my usual skin care because when your cells are hydrated, the absorption of all the goodness that your skincare is supposed to impart to you is increased as well.

 You can get Dr Oguma in Hong Kong SASA but if you want to get it in Singapore, you can get it from Ching at #04-57, Far East Plaza, Tel: 6738 6882. They are actually a fashion boutique that I frequent but the owner is also the sole distributer of Dr. Oguma in Singapore and is in the midst of setting up a new store for this skincare product instead of distributing it to Metro that draws a high commission on her sales there. You can let her know that Karen introduced you to the product and you’ll like her to explain the full uses to you for a more detailed explanation. Of course, if you prefer, you can also get it at Metro Paragon. Just so you know, this is not a paid advertorial but a sharing of a product that really works for me and I like sharing little beauty secrets like that to my family, friends and readers. This product is highly popular in Taiwan with many celebrities already using it religiously.


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