Missing my boring lifestyle

It’s weird… or at least I’m weird. I would jump at any chance to travel the world, to go sky diving or deep sea scuba cause I feel the impulse to try everything… to do what I can with this one short lifetime. But having running off to exciting places and trying out a multitude of different experience in the last couple of months leave me missing my boring lifestyle. To work, meet up with friends and slack at home.These days I’m pretty tied up but things are easing out to a comfortable pace and I’m happy.

It’s been a long time since I had a good swim. I need to head down to the pool again soon… water has a very calming effect on me. When I’m doing my laps… I can push all my thoughts away and focus on the moment. Time seems to fade away and I feel renewed. You can say it’s like a form of meditation. And I’m definitely in need of some alone time to delve into my sub-conscience.

These pictures of my outfit were taken after a late night swim. As you can tell, my hair is still wet and I’ve not even changed out of my bikini yet.


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