Mid-Year Resolutions 2008

In yet another casual outfit to get some stocks for my www.wuchacha.com

A blink of an eye and already it’s the 2nd half of 2008! How many of you manage to keep to you new years’ resolutions thus far? I usually have a mid-year resolution list to keep me on track and here’s mine top 5 for 2008.

– Keep fit! Maybe more swimming sessions or going down to Sentosa more often with my dogs.

– Apply sunblock… I’ve been told how important this is and I know it as a fact but I’m always skipping this step cause of pure laziness.

– Get my whole family portrait professionally taken… been wanting to do this for awhile but it’s almost impossible with everyone’s schedule. But I believe that photos are important part of preserving memories.

– Pack my chaotic wardrobe! This is going to be such a challenge!

– Buy less and simplify my life… This is even harder but I need to downgrade my lifestyle… I need to learn to go back to my basics… I believe it’ll be good for my soul. Wonder if it’s possible to meditate off my lust for new chanel bags and Louboutin peep-toes.

For the rest of you gals that have no shopping related resolutions to keep to… here’s some retail therapy to look out for…

– Chanel is going to be bringing more fine jewelry so look out for the new selections!

– Sephora is finally reaching our shores… it’s heaven for those obsessed with beauty.

– My sister’s gonna love that we’ll be having a Juicy Couture store so she can buy her pretty sweet stuff.

– Christan Louboutin’s gonna open his stand alone store in Ngee Ann City… so there is no need to be on the wait list for shoe sizes at On Pedder anymore!

– And Berluti shoe store wants a share of the Singapore market as well… I love their men dress shoes.

I guess I’ve just listed 5 ways that help make it harder to keep to my resolutions.


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