Memories of Teppanyaki

There was a time where we could meet at Koji’s place for steamboat and teppanyaki almost every night! A little crazy… and I was really sick of all that oily food. But these days I’m missing those times. I wish I had a little more time to spend with you girls.

Koji’s dad is an excellent chef! Yummy! These photos were of course taken before Koji had her major house upheaval that was supervised by Clara. Now that the clubhouse has been revamped maybe it’s time for a teppanyaki feast again! *hint hint*

Round 2 of the teppanyaki feast was conducted the next day. Followed by a Mahjong and Carrom session. We lasted long enough to see the sun rise on Koji’s balcony.

Watch the video for more action!

And for the what renzze is wearing on both days… here are the pictures. Photos were all taken in the wee hours of the morning when I got home so excuse my oily face.

This outfit was worn for work then to shopping and finally to teppanyaki.

This one is just a casual piece I slipped on to meet the girls out for round 2.


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