I’m trying to lead a better and healthier life everyday and was more than delighted when I was invited to the Celebration Party of MELILEA Executive President’s Datuk Dr. Stella Chin Achievement
in Winning 4 Stevie Awards at the 12th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business in United States of America. MELILEA believes in transforming lives both inside and outside with their core values of health, beauty, success and happiness.

Datuk Dr. Stella Chin is also the founder of StarLadies International & Women’s Wealth Creation (WWC) and she gladly shared with us many life values that she’s gained from her experience and success in business and with family. One of the values she shared that resonated with me was the concept of hard work. There really is no easy way out in life, even if you are a successful person, you need to keep that focus and continue to work hard every day to upkeep that success.

Charming and friendly, Datuk Dr. Stella Chin made it a point to chat with almost everyone in the event and answer any questions one might have regarding her career or family. Here’s a selfie she offered to take with me. The flowers she received were just enormous and many of the women there saw her as their role model, giving them the faith and strength to transform their own lives.

With the concept that real beauty starts with a healthy body, I was excited to review a few of MELILEA Organic foods.

MELILEA Organic is formulated by renowned researcher and organic specialist, Dr Henry Chang, and has been graded 5-star zero-pollution food by the Organic United Nations Friendship Association (OUNFA); as well as certified halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

MELILEA Organic contains more than 20 types of 5-STAR zero-pollution ingredients, including golden grains, vegetables and fruits. This formula by Dr Henry Chang is based on the body’s optimum dietary requirements. I was told that this nutritious botanical powder will help to cleanse your body by providing it with a balanced nutrition in order to effectively improve your body and health conditions. Some people use it as a healthy meal replacement to achieve their body physique as it helps to increase your body’s ability to burn body fats. Many of the ingredients will help to provide your skin with nutrients necessary for beautiful skin while functional organic food effectively regulates and improve organ functions and strengthens the body physique and be free from diseases.

Personally, I found that the MELILEA Organic works very well as a source of soluble fiber and helps with increasing bowel movement for those who don’t have a very healthy digestive system. First timers to supplements should go slow and slowly build up to the level you would like to take. I recommend using cold water to help to keep the fiber in the botanical powder from expanding too quickly. One scoop (the MELILEA measuring scoop is included in the bottle) is good enough for 350cc of cold water.

I used the MELILEA shaker but you can use any water bottle with a cap. After adding the powder into cold water, cover the shaker and shake the mixture well to ensure that the powder is properly mixed with water.

Drink it immediately as the soluble fiber will expand and make it harder to drink if you leave it out for too long.  Other tips include drinking half an hour before breakfast and  consuming sufficient amount of water to improve intestinal motility. Many first timers (like myself) can’t get used to the golden grains and vegetable taste of the organic powder. The good news is that you can easily alter the taste to your liking with some simple additions.

Using the best quality and zero-pollution organic soya beans, MELILEA Organic Soymilk powder comes without artificial colorings, artificial flavoring or preservatives. The Organic Soya Drink is rich in nutritional value and can easily provide amino acid, protein, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, lecithin, isoflavones and other natural phytonutrients that are necessary for healthy growth and development. Non-GMO organic soybean that is grown exclusively in Hei Long Jiang, China, it can be taken by anyone of all ages (infants to elderly) and makes for a great source of plant based proteins. Speaking as someone who is lactose intolerant, I love how beneficial soy milk is. I prefer to mix the 3 to 5 scoops of soya milk powder into a hot drink (250ml) if I am taking it on its’ own. If it is used to make the botanical powder more palatable, I will mix 2 scoopful of the soymilk powder into the mixture.

The final product is MELILEA Organic Henry Apple Orchard.Made from 100% natural Organic Fruits (Green Apple, Lime, Cranberries, Rosehip), this nutritious formula is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, minerals and phytonutrients. It does not contains saccharin, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring and preservatives and makes for an instant glass of apple juice when added to cold water.

As the final step of my botanical drink, I’ll add 3 scoops of the MELILEA Organic Henry Apple Orchard into the mixture of MELILEA Organic and MELILEA Organic Soymilk powder that was shown earlier. The result is a very tantalizing cup of healthy drink that tastes very much like my favourite apple flavoured Yakult drink.

For more information, visit the MELILEA website.

It was interesting for me to try out MELILEA organic food products as I don’t usually take supplements. However, my recent foray into the world of organic and sustainable products is opening my mind and my eyes to new way of improving and transforming my life. The best approach is to a healthier life is to have a balance diet that gives you the nutrient you require. Unfortunately, I’m guilty of bad eating and poor nutrition on a regular basis which have lead me to lowered immunity and being prone to falling sick. During busy times, it might be worth my while in taking a deeper look at high quality health products that can improve my nutrition intake to maintain a strong healthy body foundation.

Thanks for reading and wishing you a speedy journey to good health as well.


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