Massage and Dinner

I’m sorry I left off half-way for the Batam posts but I was busy playing host during the weekend and had no time to blog.

Other activities we did in Batam was to go for the body scrub, body massage and milk bath. It was a good way to close the day after all the water activities we had. I know that the massage rates in the city are much better but for reliability and ease, we had ours done in the Harris Resort. It’s located in a separate building away from the main lobby area and they had many little huts on a roof top garden. Each with beds and shower facilities for your treatments. Clara and Gio told me that the sauna room had a gorgeous view of the sea. I personally am not a big fan of sauna rooms and so I missed the view.

After the relaxing spa pampering, we headed for dinner by the pool. As you can tell from the photo, my hair was still wet!

We were all given complimentary Harris signature orange scarves which we put on for fun! The guy wore them as bandannas and the gals wore them as scarves.

It was a wonderful dinner with my favourite being dessert of course! My photos don’t do justice to the food cause my camera pretty much sux at taking night shots. Maybe Santa will consider upgrading to a better camera this Christmas!

During our meal, we were serenaded by very talented musicians so the ambience was wonderful and very relaxing. You can hear the music we heard if you watch the video located at the end of this post.

Those viewing my notes in Facebook would not be able to view the video so you need to go to to view the post there.

The hotel actually has a traditional hearth to bake their pizzas! We all crowded at the side watching the chef spinning the pizza dough expertly around. Upon seeing my interest, the chef kindly asked me to try my hand at putting one of the hand made pizzas into the oven to bake.

We all came around to take a snap shot in the kitchen =)

View the video below to see what happened at dinner! You’ll get to see the cute kittens that were running around the pool area as well.


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