Marine Park Center

One of the safest and most popular places to snorkel and get close and chummy with marine life is at the Redang Marine Park Center. Michelle wasn’t keen on snorkeling so only Celeste and I went. We had guidance from some local dive guide so it was interesting to actually know more about all the different fishes, corals and marine life we were seeing!

The amount of  fishes is incredible and there are groupers and moray eels as well.   Redang marine park is also one of the few coral reefs in the world where they actually allow you to feed the fishes. I heard that it’s because Redang is not open to the public all year round so the feeding during some months in the year doesn’t disrupt the fishes instinct to still forage for food. With bread in hand, at times, there were so many fishes, I could hardly see clearly!

One of the interesting things at the Marine Park is an actually shipwreck. The whole structure is coral encrusted and teeming with all sorts of marine life. Celeste and I did a couple of underwater dives there just so we could take photos using the ships’ structure as a frame for our picture. The many crevices makes good hiding spots for moray eels, giant groupers, batfish and angelfish.


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