March 2014 {InstaFlashback}

March 2014 {InstaFlashback}

Happy Labour Day! It’s such a nice time to remind ourselves that we are lucky to be alive and be able to work even though we complain about having to work hard all the time. In the year ahead, let’s work towards being #betteremployees , #betterworkers and also #bettercustomers so that everyone will have a happier time at their jobs.

Personally, I’m a little behind on my blogging schedule due to intense travelling this season. While I spend my May Day sorting out my photos and videos, here’s a {InstaFlashback} of my March 2014.

I tried the KFC rice buckets in early March after recommendation from friends. It’s not bad but I still prefer the KFC’s 2 piece chicken meal.

In early March, I was really into Korean dramas and managed to even influence my girlfriends in Singapore and all over the world to start watching them as well.  “My Love From Another Star” and ” Emergency Room Couple” stole my heart and I ended up craving for Korean Rice Cakes. I made some instant Tteokbokki for dinner and while it wasn’t as good as those I had in Korea, it temporary satisfied my cravings.


My dearest friend, Sushi, is busy with my two godsons everyday. However, once they go to bed each night, it’s our girly meet up time! She called me craving for something cold and I drove her to Bugis for impromptu late night durian snow ice dessert while I had my favourite ‘tang yuan’ (rice ball with fillings) dessert.

Had traditional Dim Sum with Regina at Yum Cha in Chinatown. It was so good! You can read all about it here.

I shared about my rice planting experience in Bali on my {Travelling Tuesday} post. I realised that I’ve accumulated so much experiences and photos that I never got around sharing with my readers. I’ll will try to pick bits and pieces every week to share on Tuesdays so look out for it!

I first got my bicycle last June. Since then, MM and I would take the dogs out on the bicycles whenever the weather is good and the air is less polluted. My dogs absolutely love being ferried around in the bicycles.

Jessie joined me for a hot yoga class at Updog Studios in Big Splash. It was a really fun one because we got to partner and try assisting each other for some deeper moves. Our fun date ended with a full massage session and lunch.

March was one of the busiest periods for me at work. I was trying to wrap up one of my on-going projects so I could go on my month long holiday without too much worries. On one of the days, I had about 4 deadlines to meet and I just couldn’t break for lunch. When I got home, MM was super sweet and made me these apple chicken nuggets for me to munch on while I continued working on my reports. It’s the small acts of kindness that makes me feel blessed and loved. By the way, it was absolutely delicious!

I signed up for Run350 and as part of the training for my first 10k run, JW, Regina, MM and I went for a free run clinic that was open to public. It was hot and the weather was hazy but we learnt a lot about warm ups, prevention of injuries and managed to complete the mini run.

After our run, we all had a happy and delicious popiah and kuey pie tee house party together with, Sushi and her family. Perfect weekend! I wanna do another house party soon!

Went for a mid week movie date with MM and had a lovely meal complete with rainbow ice-cream dessert.

Sometimes I feel that my yoga classes at Updog Studios are one of the only things that help to keep me centred when my schedule looks like I’m in the middle of a war zone.

My sweet little sister knew I was collecting the unicorn from the Little Twin Stars series so she got me the handphone charm when she spotted it at a local Sanrio store. Thanks love!

Didn’t have time to shop but there were some airport grabs from the Japan Airport. I would have loved to see the Sakura full bloom in April but my timing was off for Sakura viewing this year.

As a consolation, these mochi balls were super yummy and lasted as my afternoon tea snacks for a few days.

Weekend morning hike with my family! I’m so happy my mum is taking being more active these days. In case you are wondering, that’s not my sister (although my younger sister is the same age). She’s my mum’s god-daughter.

Had my first boxing lesson at Evolve MMA which was really awesome. I then broke for a sumptuous breakfast at Dean & Deluca with Melva and Rachie before heading back to do a Muay Thai lesson.

Learning boxing with experience Rachie and expert champion teachers at Evolve MMA at 7am!

Here I am with Rachie and Melva (and the super cute photo bomber) at the Evolve MMA studio after our intense Muay Thai class. I can’t believe a total beginner like me went for 2 classes in a day. I had some bruises on my feet and abrasion on my knuckles the next day but it was so much fun!

Had a mountain of Japanese curry fries for tea. Not the healthiest choice but I can’t resist carbs.

Do you feel that we can age gracefully and actively in Singapore? Now that my mum is in that age group, I can’t help but feel there is a lot more that can be done for older workers. You can read my view and thoughts on it here. 

Tried and tested White Label Premium Placenta Essence. You can read about my review here.

Had the privilege to try out OSIM uDiva massage/sofa/lounge chair launch event where they unveiled their mysterious ambassador. You can find out who here.

I’m a big fan of Japanese food and one of my regular restaurants is Tonkichi. It’s our go-to-place when we can’t decide what we should have for dinner or lunch. Tried the seasonal tonkatsu miso nabe and loved it!

My sister came to stay over with me and was feeling peckish. So I put together a simple snack of earl grey chiffon cake with maple syrup drizzle and chamomile honey tea at midnight!

Had a gorgeous time at a Teva event with these sporty gals! Look at our striking blue Teva sandals! I’m working on the photos today and will be blogging about it soon so look out!

Off to Penang with Ai and Sau Jun! Much love to Valyn and Willy for showing us around. It was the ultimate foodie trip!

My 3D art hot chocolate in Penang! How cute!

By the 2nd day, our faces were all round! We all ate an average of 50 dishes in a day. Just madness. It was an extreme weight gaining trip even though it was so short. I believe that if there was a video camera following us around, it would have made a pretty entertaining reality TV program showing our mental fight between yummy food temptations and a bursting belly.

Pretty rainbow cake and green tea ice-cream for tea at the Camera museum in Penang.

Just looking at the Penang food photos is making my stomach rumble and my mouth salivate.

Took a flight from Penang Airport back to Singapore. I had 24 hours to pack my luggage and get ready to fly off again.

When I arrived in Singapore, I realised that the lock on my checked-in duffle was forcefully twisted open. It’s really quite scary. Luckily, I only had some foodstuff and clothes in my duffle so nothing went missing. A reminder to never check in anything valuable in the luggage.

That rounds up my March 2014. Thanks for reading!



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