March 2008

March 2008 is up in What is Renzze Wearing Today.

Favorites in March 2008

The leopard trench brings out the animal in me!

Puffy silver jacket from Charlotte Russo paired with a bright purple scarf!

The black turtle neck dress goes with anything! I chose a pink hat with matching scarf for some color to the outfit!

Japanese robe indoors!

Wearing on of my fave boots! I love the fur lining.

Day out with my doggies. Gosh I remember how much I missed them when I was away!

Girls in black with my friend Yan. If I recall correctly we were out with some gals to discuss bridesmaid duties for Berns wedding.

Another dress I love! It doesn’t look very nice on the hanger but the details are gorgeous when worn.

This is a cape dress with nice back details… unfortunately I forgot to snap pictures of the back!

Just one of the many girls in white at my bestie’s wedding.

At her wedding dinner. Berns if you’re reading this… I want those night shots we took in your suite with Kel’s camera! I always forget to ask you about them when we meet up.

Yes yes… I know no one wears a full tracksuit anymore! But it really is one of the most comfy things especially for late night grocery shopping in those freezer isles!

Simple casual outfit. It’s that light cardi that I love =)

Wore this dress for Doreen’s wedding. Love the color and shimmer of the satin.

Heart print thermal top! And those wedges are my fave!!!! Too bad I don’t have them anymore cause they’ve served up their life expectancy.

Target’s burnout tee and Supre’s shorts make a bright combi for my doggie swimming day out.

Black and white outfit with my purple hair ribbon as the only pop of color.

Old navy lounge wear is so comfy! Highly recommended!

Around the neighborhood outfit. Bubble shorts anyone?

I miss those nice mild weather we had at the beginning of the year. I could actually still wear jeans with boots!

In a green Supre dress. The dress was actually a maxi but I altered it short. I love sushi’s black eyelet dress! She carried it off so well!

Sending out those nautical vibes.

In a Supre rainbow top to visit Berns’ new puppy Bella! Isn’t she just adorable! My Louis and Emmie can’t wait to play with her again! And I know she adores Emmie!

Smart casual Outfit!

More nautical vibes…. I was really feeling it that month.

To the beach! Too old for graffiti prints?


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