Mailing List Updates

Just to let you peeps know that I’ve already fixed my mailing list subscription. I know that quite a number of you haven’t been receiving my post updates even when you’ve signed up and some of you have emailed me from months back to let me know of this issue. I haven’t had time to work on it till recently and it’s all fixed! It seemed that my old codes couldn’t sustain the large amount of subscribers. I had started this blog a long time back and didn’t see the need to worry about that back then but I guess thanks to the support of readers and friends, has grown quite a bit. This new fix will enable thousands of subscription so I think I would need to change it again any time soon.

If you’ve received notification in your email for this post then there is no need for you to sign up again. But if you don’t and would like to be on the mailing list for new posts, please sign up via the mailing list subscription link on the top left of my side bar.

I’ll try to do a full post later on when I can.



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