Mad Thai

I haven’t typed for so long (a week!) I almost feel a little alien on the keyboard. I just needed time away from the internet world, from work, from social media as a whole. A little social media makes such a big difference in your life. But when every waking moment is part of the world wide web then it gets a little too much and a little too heavy. Don’t get me wrong. I will still be every bit as engrained in social media as before its just that a week’s break of constant association with it was really good for my soul. So if I havent’ been answering emails, comments, or replied to you in the last week, you know why!

But I’m refreshed and I’m back! Back to blog even more than ever. To catch up with my friends, post all the back dated things I wanted to share but didn’t have time to get down to it, back to have a good work-life balance.

These photos were taken on a weekend lunch at one of my new favourite thai restaurant called Mad Thai. They are fantastically good for their fried foods so if you are health conscious then this place is not for you. Then again, it’s always ok to indulge once in awhile!

I love Thai food and always go a little gaga when I reach Thailand. But since I can’t be visiting Thailand all year, I’m glad that Singapore does have pretty decent Thai food available as well. I particularly crave from hot Tom Yum soup on rainy days.

My two must order items from this place is the deep fried kang kong and the boneless fried chicken. Really yummy!








Outfit of the day

Top :Liz Lisa

Shorts: Bangkok

Flats: YSL

Bag: Hermes

All the photos on this post is taken with my Canon Eos 500 and they are also probably the last photos that will be taken with the camera because shortly after these photos were taken, the camera went a little wry and I went and got myself a new one!

I debated a little over several models and decided to go back to the same upgraded model. The Canon Eos 550. I know the 600 is out but I bought it before the newest model came out. One of the reasons I kept to the same camera range was because I knew it’ll work good enough for my blogging needs and that I don’t have to worry about getting new lenses that I had bought earlier for my Canon Eos 500.

Here’s one shot with my new camera. I love the grip a lot better on the new one and the flip screen eases the capture of odd angle shots. I’m pleased!


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