Lunch at MOF

Beware: This particular post is photo-intensive. Since it’s all about the food, I’ll let the pictures tell the tale.

Daddy wanted to try the food at MOF after his friend raved about it. So I treated my family to a nice lunch.

Janice and I were cam-whoring away before the food arrived.

The teapot contains soup, not tea. What a cute idea!

My chocolate drink.

The upgrade to the stone bowl rice was quite worthwhile cause Daddy really loved it.

My silly sister ordered the kid’s meal cause she thought it was cute! I wonder when she’ll ever grow up!

Her meal came tingkat styled. With several layers of food.

I was too full to have deserts but my parents can really eat!

After lunch we all headed in different directions! Janice went to meet her friends at Chinatown. My parents went to Orchard to catch a movie and I headed down to the Singapore river to meet up with my pals.

It was a gorgeous day and I’m still a firm believer of  ” A family that eats together, stays together.”

Of course, here are the outfit photos!


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