Lucky 13

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone. I haven’t touched, seen or written for my blog in a week causes I was away and have been very busy over the Chinese New Year period. So busy in fact that I’m having a massive sleep debt that is going to take quite awhile for me to repay. Anyways, I’m wishing all my readers a very prosperous water dragon year with many new opportunities!

I’ve still got tons of backdated photos to share so I won’t be showing my CNY celebration pics till I clear my 2011 December ones!

Sometime in December, Sebastian and Xing invited me to the grand opening party of Lucky 13, a new club in town. It was a costume party and I brought along some friends including Regina, JW, Melva and Ang. . Before the partying began, Ang, Regina and I had dinner at Food For Thought which is a little cafe along Queens St near SAM.

Regina had the risotto which didn’t look too appetizing but tasted good. And I ordered the chicken cutlet which turned out to be humongous!!! Definitely the dish to order if you are hungry.

After dinner we had drinks with Sebastian, Xing and Alex and 313 Somerset while waiting for Melva. Everyone was so prepared for the costume party I felt underdressed! LOL. Sebby had broke his leg (for real!) and had a cast on his leg so he had no choice but to build his costume around that and bandaged his head as well! This is probably the first time I’ve been out clubbing on the dance floor with someone on crutches! Xing was Lady Zorro and Alex went full force with his shrek costume! It’s hilarious seeing Shrek boogie on the dance floor!

There were so many others in the cutest most ridiculous costumes. My favorite that night was of a gal in the full vegas show girl costume with feathers and all, and a couple that came as Little Bo-Peep and her sheep! I really got to give the guy 2 thumbs up for coming as his girlfriend’s sheep.

After the party at Lucky 13 we all headed to Zouk but I was pretty tired and chickened out at the entrance in favor of a good maggie mee goreng supper at Newton instead. 🙂


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