Love Wristlet

I’ve been getting wedding invitations almost every other week! The end year period is definitely a hot favorite for a lot of couple. For those of you in the midst of wedding planing or are involved in one, here’s something for you to consider! The bridesmaid corsages!

Love Wristlet has one of the prettiest corsages on selection! I chose my favorite 3 from their site but they are just too lovely and I’ll introduce them one by one. In this post you’ll see Starry Symphony- The blue hydrangea blooms in the corsages matched with pearl accented garden flowers and baby blue ribbon.

The best part about these corsages is that you never have to worry about the flower not looking it’s best by mid-day and your bridesmaid get to bring them home as a souvenir of your special day! I loved wearing it in my hair as much as I love it on my wrist.

There’s no minimum quantity so even if you want to order it for yourself or for a different event other than a wedding, you can! Just email for the details. I will be reviewing their other designs soon!


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