Louis and Emmie's Birthday 2011

Louis is now 5 years old and Emmie is 4 years old. I didn’t have time to coordinate and plan a huge birthday party for them but I had to celebrate their special day. So I got up early to bake them their own doggy birthday cake before spending the day with them at the doggy style cafe.

It was my first time doing a dog cake and biscuits. No butter, no sugar allowed and I focused on making the ingredients as organic as possible. I made a carrot, banana, strawberry and cheese dog cake for them and made some beef dog biscuits as toppings. It wasn’t a beautiful cake but I was happy that Louis and Emmie was dying with anticipation to gobble the cake up and couldn’t seem to have enough of the cake once they tasted it!

After their cake, they spent the rest of the day playing with doggy friends at the cafe and running around outdoors. They must have throughly enjoyed themselves because when we came home they were exhausted from all the excitement they had the whole day. Louis and Emmie normally wait for me till I go to bed but that day I even caught Louis sleeping in a most satisfying manner on my bed before I was even ready to go to sleep!

If you wanna catch the happenings and their excited faces on their birthday, view their video!

Youtube link: http://youtu.be/r-9K1IYlVc4


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