Louis 1st Sentosa Trip

My flu started on Sat morning but I had already promised Yannie and Melvyn that we’ll bring our doggies for a swim at picnic at Sentosa so I didn’t want to let them down. Packed up the sleeping mat and some chicken pies and we were on the road! Yan had a really hard time hailing a cab that would take her 3 year old miniature jack russell , Nikki, which was weird cuz I have no problems at all getting a taxi with my much bigger cocker spaniel. I guess location makes a big difference.

We met at Tanjong Beach and had our picnic there. Yan made fried rice for all of us which was so sweet cause she actually woke up early to cook! All I did was to ta bao nasi lemak… lol…

Then the doggies went swimming! Although Louis is only 6 mths… he’s a natural swimmer and loved the ocean. Nikki could swim too but she was kinda small and couldn’t swim far. She also kept trying to bite the water which was really funny! The guys took the doggies island hopping! Nikki had to sit on Melvyn’s shoulder for Melvyn to ferry him across the water but Louis is too big so he swam all the way! I’m so proud of my little baby.

We had dinner at the seaside Sake Sushi while the dogs rested at our feet. The we met Momo which is a very cute 10 mths old chihuahua mix jack russell. He and Louis had a great time pouncing on each other and playing! He’s so tiny that I couldn’t even feel him when I carried him! Or maybe I’m just so used to Louis heavy weight. Louis is the youngest of all the dogs but he’s the biggest!

Though now I am paying the price for staying out in the sun and swimming when I’m sick… I don’t regret it!



  1. December 5, 2006 / 4:28 pm

    Louis so cute!!! lol

    December 7, 2006 / 12:10 am

    hello sis…! Louis so cute & so is the other dog. Anyway hope u get well soon too okay?

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