Little Arielle's first boat ride

I was going to be traveling and would miss little Arielle’s 2nd birthday party. So I met up with Bernice, Kelvin and Arielle before I left. Dinner was at Ramen Santouka. It was my first time trying it out but it turns out to have pretty delicious ramen.


After dinner we had a leisurely stroll around Clarke Quay area. The whole place was beautifully lighted up and we bought Arielle a balloon with changing lights which she absolutely adored!

Arielle has been mesmerized with the passing boats since dinner time and I proposed taking her on her first boat ride. Initially we were afraid that she might not be comfortable moving on water but it turns out that she enjoyed it very much.

If I recall correctly, it was also Bernice and Kelvin’s first time taking a boat trip on a Singapore river. We all felt like tourists in our own country!

I’ve taken boat rides on the Singapore river but it was my first time on a Hippo river cruise. The last time I took a ride on the Singapore River was eons ago. The landscapes have changed so much and it was quite pretty to see the new Marina Sands from the river view.

We were totally in luck because our river tour coincides with the water, music and lights show that was happening at The Sands and we had a gorgeous view!

Well, I hope little Arielle enjoyed her first boat ride. Hopefully I won’t miss her birthday next year!

And to wrap this post up, here’s the video that captures our little boating adventure as well as some extra scenes. It can also be viewed on youtube at



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