AC came down to Singapore to visit and I was tasked to take him around and play host =) Especially since he’s always so nice to me whenever I visit Malaysia.

Well first it was off to have lunch with Celeste and Dr X at Geylang. We had the famous yummy beef horfun. Dr X had loads of fun playing with my ribbon and playing sissors, paper and stones with AC.

He’s such a cheeky little fellow! I asked him to take a picture with me and he refused to smile when the camera is aiming at him. He giggles like crazy when he’s not being captured… the little naughty one!

After lunch it’s time for mini golf! We headed down to Liliputt at Big Splash. It’s really quite fun except I kinda suck at it! The cute moving MRT trains and cable cars to transport the golf balls around are so interesting to watch!

I won’t mind doing mini golf again! A little tip – Hole 17 is possible to get hole in one!

Had food and snacks at East Coast and saw some lovely sand castles… It’s been a long long time since I built one… maybe next time the girls would wanna have a sand castle building outing! Hehe…. I’m sure Dr X would have loads of fun!

As usual… below shows my outfit for the day.

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