LG Life's Good when you live it!

Hi all! It’s the 2nd week of my LG campaign and it’s been great! Do view it and some of the other photos that I’ve put up.

And in case you’ve missed out earlier,

Week 1 showed my 2 favorite pooches, Louis and Emmie as well as my personal thoughts of the capabilities of the LG phone. There’s even a sneak preview of my birthday party!

Week 2 shows the cutest little squirrel in Hyde Park checking out my LG phone and a little video compiling some of my life’s good moments. Moments where I feel that I’ve actively lived my life.

You may vote for each and every one of the photos every single day! The more you vote, the more chances you stand of winning a LG handset for yourself so start today!

Here’s the link to my profile –

Karen Ashley Ng – Contestant Diary on LG Life’s Good

Thanks Everyone!


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