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I’ve just done my nails a few days ago (more about it in a future post once I’ve tested the durability of the design’s ability to withstand my adventurous upcoming trip). I haven’t been taking care of my nails and beautifying them as often as I used to since my good friend/nail artist left for Melbourne. But recently, I got inspired to beautify my nails after flipping through Japanese nail magazines.

I have only painted my own nails once many years ago. But it turned out so horrendous that I never attempted a DIY again. Most of my girl friends love to have their nails all beautifully manicured and I am totally envious on how they can easily change nail colors every fortnight, thus I’ve decided to give DIY nail care a 2nd chance. If I am going to do it, I have to do it right so this time I want to learn the full works of how to care for my nails and the application of gel polish. What better way to conquer my fears than to learn some tips from the experts.

There are quite a few popular nail schools available in Singapore but I’m going with J & Y Nail Studio. Their works are seriously impressive!

The pretty talented duo behind J & Y Nail Studio are Jess Puan from Singapore and Yoko Naito from Japan. They are highly experienced and have won countless awards for different types of nail competition categories in different countries like Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. The most recent competition they participated was held in Australia just 3 months ago.

Doing all Singaporeans proud, Jessie won the Grand Champion trophy at the Melbourne competition! In order to even be considered for this trophy, participants have to take part in every category. The total marks compiled in each category determines the Grand Champion. This means that Jess is not only skilled in all the different categories of nail art, she’s the most highly appraised multi-skilled individual. Jess is the first Asian to take home the Grand Champion title in Australia! Calling Jess a talent is an understatement.

Both Jess and Yoko bagged several awards for their works as well. Their 3D designs are jaw-dropping! Wish I had bigger photos to show you guys so you can marvel at the intricacies of their 3D nail art. If 3D nails are too much for you, Jess’s 2D nail art is nothing short of an artistic splendor as well. If I had these on my nails, I’ll never want to take them off!

After going goo goo eyes on their masterpieces, I need no convincing that these duo are skilled and experts in their field. But where does that leave someone like me?

Luckily, Jess and Yoko have a passion to share their skills and their studio offers courses both to students that are aspiring to turn their passion into a career as well as beginners who would want to craft this passion at home for their own nails. I definitely belong to the beginner category and would love to pick up the tips and skills to be able to save myself from frequent trips to the salons whenever I feel like changing a different color.


At J & Y Nail Studio, you will only find qualified instructors of Odyssey Nail System (ONS) courses and are part of an ongoing programme of instructor development. This means that both Jess and Yoko are constantly updating their teaching skills and learning the latest methods to ensure their students learning success.

They assured me that they enjoy meeting new students and helping them all to make the most out of their courses with them. Jess and Yoko recognize that each student is an individual. They would have an interview with each new student to get to know them and their needs better before tailoring a course to fit them. Yes, you heard it right! They customize each course to fit the student and not expect everyone that comes to them to have the same needs and have them follow a rigid syllabus.  You can start on any level and choose to have more in depth learning about nails and the types of designs that are more interesting to you. I really like how efficient and cost effective this system is.

At J & Y Nail Studio, you do not have to worry about the crowd! Their small class holds a maximum of only 10 students to 2 nail awards winner educators. This means you are likely to get a lot more individual attention and comfortably progress at your own pace. In most other nail schools, the ratio of students to instructors can be as high as 18:1 and the rotation of many different instructors can be quite disruptive.

I was told that if you sign up for J & Y Nail Studio’s workshop or classes, they will provide the perfect student kit that includes a full range of ONS tools and products available for your usage throughout the course. All items are made in USA and are included in the course fees so there are no additional hidden charges.

Look at the number of items in the student kit! What a deal and how convenient to have everything you need all prepared for you so you don’t have to go scouring everywhere to get the items you need for class.

I’m totally sold and I haven’t even attended the class yet! I’ll be away for the most part of December so I’m looking to start my class sometime in January 2013. New year, new skills right?

Here’s what I’ll be learning in my course:
– Natural Nail Care (Manicure/ Pedicure)
– Gel Polish Application & Designs Nail Technology
– Theory & Practice Nail Enhancement
– Acrylic System Nail Enhancement
– UV Gel System
– Tipping & Sculpting Maintenance
– Repair & Fills Salon Technology
– Electric Filing
– Nail Art – Handprinting, 3D, Embedded & Geal Art

Soon it’ll be me holding those certs!

Okay I’m getting way ahead of myself and it’s only because I’m excited about it. I won’t get overly ambitious but I’ll be sure to blog about my experience once I’ve gone through it in January. If you are hoping to go into the nail industry or just want to increase your passion and knowledge for nail techniques, you can check them out. They have many short workshops as well.

J & Y Nail Studio

Website: jnail.blogspot.sg

Facebook & email: jlovenail@gmail.com

Contact number: 96908083




  1. mabel
    February 25, 2013 / 5:31 pm

    Did you start the course yet? do share your experience please!!

  2. mabel
    February 25, 2013 / 5:31 pm

    Did you start the course yet? do share your experience please!!

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