Late night supper and desert

I think it’s a totally Singaporean culture to have meetups with friends for late night supper or dessert and it’s one of the things I missed when I was away. But now that I’m back in Singapore, I’m still fighting against jet lagged and my sleeping routine is all messed up so I haven’t set time aside to meet anyone for supper. Give me a couple more days and I’ll bounce right back! Meanwhile, here’s a couple of examples of what I usually have for supper.

Geylang is one of my frequent haunts. I know it’s a red light district and all but they also have pretty good food that open 24/7. The photos above were taken when I went supper with Sushi at Wan Tou Sek (126) Dim Sum. It’s a Hong Kong styled place that serves awesome dim sums and is usually pretty crowded. Located nearby is Rocher Beancurd which also opens 24/7 and serves up all types of soya bean products and some kuehs.

If I’m in the Bugis area, then chances are you’ll catch me having supper at Ji De Chi Dessert where the photo above was taken during a meetup with Yan and Melvin. The durian snowy ice is probably one of my favorite though on cold days I’ll usually order the ginger milk dessert or tang yuan. The other dessert shop that I like to frequent on Liang Seah Street is called Ah Chew dessert and I think they have fantastic mango desserts and peanut cream!

Do you like to eat supper? If so, where do you go?


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