Last day of the food fest up north with Mum

Here are the photos of the foods that we were stuffing ourselves with when I brought my mum on a foodie trip in Malaysia, meeting family and friends who all so graciously brought us around to the yummiest food places.

We all knew we’ll miss all the good food so we ate as much as our tummies could handle in the last 24 hours we were there! Talk about being gluttons =X

Even late at night we were still snacking on the really awesome street side (pasar malam) food! I wish we had a better standard of night market food stuff in Singapore. Most of the time the pasar malam food I see in Singapore tend to be just created through deep frying pre-packed frozen processed foodstuffs like seaweed chicken or nuggets. In KL, they have night market stall holders that really take pride in the quality of their food so they have a lot of regular customers who would specifically look out for them whenever they have a night market.

I also tried some really odd fruits that I have never seen around in Singapore before. I don’t even remember the name of this odd looking fruit I ate so if anyone knows what it is, do let me know!!! * update* It’s called Cameron Apples. Thanks the Elaine and Sendy for letting me know 🙂

My favorite yong tau fu place is Chan Chan (Zhen Zhen) and it’s a must eat on my every trip. I finally had time to bring my mum to try just before we left KL and she loved it! Each piece of yong tau fu is 3 times larger than your usual yong tau fu pieces so it’s really worth it!

Our last meal was just before crossing the Tuas 2nd link customs when we stopped by for a KFC chicken meal. In Malaysia, they still serve their KFC chicken on plates with metal forks and knives! I feel that despite the convenience of disposable cutlery, I do like the concept of having food on reusable plates and cutlery.



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