Last day in KL Steamboat dinner

On my last evening in KL, my friends wanted to take me to sightsee at Batu Caves which is a famous Indian temple inside limestone caves. However, due to the torrential downpour, most of the roads were flooded and even though we entered into the compound of the Batu Caves, we abandoned our sightseeing plans.

In the end, we decided to try out this new steamboat buffet dinner restaurant. It follows a similar concept of the revolving sushi plates but instead of Japanese sushi, it’s filled with ingredients for your steamboat. Take as much as you can eat! You don’t even need to leave your table to select your food.

There were many choices of soup and I went for the herbal chicken stock. The food was really nice and fresh! So we all had a great meal!

After the steamboat dinner, I even had 2 bowls of ice-cream! Thanks to the guys for taking me there to try out the steamboat.

Hopefully I get to visit KL soon so I can eat till I drop once more!


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