Last day in Ipoh

Before I start my post, I just wanted you to know that I’m away from Singapore and will continue to be away for at least 7 weeks so I’ll try to keep the blog running with updates but replies will be slow. I do read your emails and comments!

Now back to this post which is about my last day for my Ipoh trip. We left and headed to KL followed by Malacca.

Known as one of the fruits grown near Ipoh, I bought some pomelo for my parents back in Singapore. My mum does this insane pomelo salad with her own secret sauce that is really delicious!

We visited some temples and mountains where they cremate bodies. It was beautiful. Such a gorgeous place to leave peacefully and not eerie at all! It’s a little like returning to nature. I’m not afraid of death but rather the suffering it would bring my love ones to not be there for them. In fact, I’ve always been on the fence about mercy killing. I’m not going to make that choice for others but if I were to be in a state of no return, it’s better to let me go then to sustain me on machines. It’ll ease the financial burdens of my love ones as well.


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