Korean Eyebrow Embroidery by Arch Angel Brow Review (with discount link)

Korean Eyebrow Embroidery by Arch Angel Brow Review (with discount link)

I’ve always been late on the grooming game. I didn’t buy my first makeup till I was 23 and brushed off any eyebrow maintenance advice till I was nearly 30 (yes, I was already blogging and posting photos online without proper grooming. Eeeks!). Close friends, family members and any beauty consultant that saw me always told me that I’ll look so much better once I get my brow fixed.

Here’s a photo of me in 2012 when I just chopped my hair off. Notice the non-existent brows?

Once I hopped on to the brow game, I adapted pretty quickly. When you look better, it’s hard to turn back. The beauty technology is constantly innovating and it’s truly exciting how easy it is to bring out your best features. Of course, you can pluck, tweeze, draw and color your perfect brows to shape but to do that everyday is so time consuming. Not to mention some areas of my brow bone just don’t ‘do’ hair anymore, resulting in a lot of filling in– a job that makes me irritated. I found the wonderful world of semi-permanent brows and couldn’t believe how I hadn’t done it sooner. Now when the alarm sounds, and I wake up looking zombie-like, my brows still look immaculate.


Having done my brows about 2 years ago, it was time for a brow update. The before and after photos are taken less than one week apart. In both cases, my brows were untouched by any makeup. Before Kelly worked her magic on my brows, it just looks kinda sad. Don’t I look more fresh and alert after my brows was done? A small difference to your brows can make a big difference to your default expression. 

I had a couple of brow sponsorship offers but when I decided on Arch Angel Brow as a good friend who had her Korean eyebrow embroidery done by Kelly highly recommended her to me. Brow expert, Kelly, has 10 years of experience and I’m glad that I entrusted her to design a new set of brows for me. Arch Angel Brow cosy outlet is located at 321 Clementi Mall. Kelly’s friendly and sweet disposition put me at ease immediately. Using the latest brow technology and techniques from Korea coupled with a keen sense of facial aesthetics, Arch Angel Brow is able to give you beautiful brows without any downtime.

I understand doing anything permanent or semi-permanent to your face is a little daunting so I’m sharing with you the experience I had with Arch Angel Brow as detailedly as I can remember. Kelly spent time studying my face, designing what she considered to be my perfect Korean brow shape. Using a concealer to blank out the hairs she wanted to remove and a darker one to draw in the ones she would add permanently, I was able to have a preview of the type of brows I was going to get and how it would frame my face before giving the go-ahead.

She first drew on one side of my brow (left) so I can compare the difference with my original brow (right).

After some feedbacks and discussion, she drew a second type of brow on my right side so I can decide what look I would prefer. Brow A is the more typical Korean brow that is straight with no arch while Brow B has a little arch added to it. Not all faces are created equally and not everyone can handle completely straight brows so I’m glad Kelly designs her brows with that in mind.

It seems that my face is actually suited for the typical straight Korean brow and I really like how Brow A shapes my face so that is the design I chose.

Numbing cream is then applied to the brow area for about 20 minutes. After which, Kelly will draw the requested brow design back.

The pain is negligible and I almost fell asleep at one time. Arch Angel Brow uses natural high quality pigments that can be customised to suit your hair color. Kelly uses a new precision needle for each of her clients so you don’t have to worry about hygiene or cross-contamination. After the procedure, Kelly would make me sit or stand so she can check the color and balance of my brows at eye level. She would then touch up accordingly. Her dedication to achieving the perfect brow for me is highly commendable. For those who have color remains from previous eyebrow embroidery, Kelly is able to erase those too!

A lot of people are worried that they would have to put up with having initial super dark eyebrows after doing eyebrow embroidery. With Arch Angel Korean Combo Eyebrow Embroidery, you don’t have to worry. I went out for dinner with friends right after doing mine and the photo above is taken the day after. Not only were the brows presentable, they were so easy to take care of! Unlike most other embroidery outside where you need to protect the brows from water for a week, I could wash my face or even take a swim immediately. There is no maintenance needed and I even skipped putting treatment oil on it as I left for a short trip and forgot to bring the oil along.

Completely makeup free. Taken after my hot yoga class with my iphone.

With light makeup on.

 I love my perfectly symmetrical new shape and am now the proud owner of some seriously shapely, natural-looking Korean brows. Thank you so much Kelly!

For my reader,  you can get a $100 discount on the Korean Combo Eyebrow Embroidery service (limited to first 20 customers). Quote “Karen” to enjoy this exclusive discount!

The Korean Combo Embroidery costs $980 including two touch-ups, one after two weeks and the second one before a year is up.

Arch Angel Brow
 321 Clementi Mall
 321 Clementi Ave 3

Tel: 6250 1151

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11 am – 9.30 pm
Sat-Sun: 10.30am – 8.00pm

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely week ahead.


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