Keelung Bay

We were leaving the mountainous part of Jiu Fen with their many abandoned buildings in the non-touristy areas. I really like those old buildings as they remind me how materialistic men are. While there is gold, everything prospered and when there is none, everything was left in shambles. Had the director Hou Hsiao Hsien not made his award winning movie ” City of Sadness” or 悲情城市 starring Tony Leung, no one would have given the place a second glance and it wouldn’t be the tourist town it is today.

I want to travel the world and see all the famous sights and I also want to explore the world for the buildings and people that the world forgot. If only time, money and commitments would allow me the pleasure. On the way to the city of Keelung, we stopped by at a random area near the sea.

The view was breathtaking! The lovely red cliff over looking the blue and yellow sea with powerful waves crashing at the rocks.

I didn’t take a picture of the color difference in the waters but basically, one side was blue and the water at the bottom of the cliffs are yellow. The yellow is from the sediments of the gold mining mountains of the area and due to the density of the waters, they do not mix thus producing the distinct blue and yellow sea in one particular area.

My silly sister was too tired so she chose to stay in the car instead of coming out to catch this gorgeous view! Mum on the other hand was just as ecstatic as I was!


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