Jurong Bird Park Outing

Both my grandparents are in their late 80s. Grandpa is a little older at 88 and he’s really weak physically while grandma is still pretty fit both physically and mental. I wanted to take my grandparents out for a day outing so they wouldn’t be cooped up in their home all day but finding wheelchair friendly places in Singapore can be quite a challenge. In the end it was down to the zoo or the bird park and I decided to bring them to the Jurong Bird Park

Grandpa is on wheelchair but I wanted to make sure grandma who is on foot got to see the most of the park with the least possible effort so I charted a 8 person buggy and a personal guide to take us around the park and show us their prized exhibitions. It has been a really long time since I went to the bird park myself!

Having a guide made a huge difference in the experience as you know exactly what to look out for and which birds have special characteristics that made them stood out. She also assisted in helping me push grandpa around which I am so grateful for cause I wasn’t too good at pushing a wheelchair uphill.

I learnt that horn-bill beaks are incredibly lightweight despite it’s huge size and that ostrich eggs are extremely hardy! One ostrich egg is equivalent to 24 chicken eggs and the yolk is the largest single cell in our planet!


My favorite part of the tour is probably the feeding. It was so fun feeding the birds… be it worms, nectar or bread. I’m sure my grandparents enjoyed the interactive experience as well.

Some of the birds even recognized their names when called! So cute!

After a long exhausting day at the bird park, we ended with dinner at a local Jacks Place restaurant. I like having their garlic steak 🙂

If you know of anywhere else that would be wheelchair friendly and good to take my grandparents to, drop me a note.



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