June, July and August 2007

June 2007 , July 2007 and Aug 2007 collections are up in the What is Renzze Wearing Today section =)

Faves in June 2007. (Thats a whole year ago already!)

This dress is so cute!

I love the lightness of this dress.

I know it’s weird but I really like navy blue polo tees. I keep buying them in that one color… and always from Abercrombie.

Faves in July 2007.

I think I put up somewhere before that this top is one of the rare ones that I love to keep re-wearing. The sunglasses were a last minute buy as the weather was unbearably sunny so it doesn’t exactly fit very well.

Faves in August 2007.

My little Emmie girl was still so young then. I don’t fancy the prints that much but I like the flare and shape of this dress.

I remember taking Louis and Emmie to Pawtobello with this outfit. I love how easy to wear this dress is and the pretty embroidery at the hemline.

Patriotic me in my country’s national colors on National day =) Louis and Emmie wore scarfs made up of the colors and symbols of our flag too!

Love the swimwear coverup. Those silver slippers didn’t last though… they died on me early this year.

Swimwear was a staple in this trip and my hair was constantly in a semi-wet fashion.

I got this lace trimmed blue top from Dotti Australia and it’s another one of my all time faves. I miss shopping in Australia!

This black dress has the same cutting and design as one of the VS dresses I saw in the catalog more than half a year later! Perfect for the hot summery weather.

A more formal delicate chiffon dress compared to the rest of the resort wear I wore that month. Went for dad’s birthday celebration.


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