Jimbaran Bay

I took it slow for the last 2 days in Bali… lots of spa… massages and just chilling out at the poolside or beach.

Massage in Bali is good… they are similar to the Swedish style which is a lot of kneading and aromatherapy. It’s especially good after a surf lesson on the beach or a trek up a mountain. Living the life in paradise meant I frequent the spa a lot!

Before I left I had to go Jimbaran Bay again for dinner. It’s near the location of the 2nd bombing in Bali. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to harm such a peaceful and beautiful place like Bali. It’s not only the foreigners they are killing but the locals. The people of Bali uses tourism as a means of survival… the bombing stopped people from visiting and for a period of time there was no income at all for the Balinese. Life really is hard for them. Those who had land would return to farming and those who don’t have any family land just starved. I’m just really glad that the tourism industry is picking up these days.

The best time to go Jimbaran Bay is sunset. The sun literally sets down to the end of the world and you can see the movement distinctively and rather quickly! All this while having a cool soda and deciding what seafood to have for dinner.

All the diners are whipping out their cameras to get the perfect sunset shot and quite a lot are using video camera too!

You need to get the driver to book a front seat if you want the view without any tables to block you. Go around 5+ to 6+pm. My driver was so sweet he knew what I wanted and arranged the seating for me without my prompting! After that just order some live seafood that’s cooked to the most delicious meal… enjoy the candlelight dinner with strolling musicians and a bottle of wine.

After dinner I strolled the beach and got myself some fantastic charcoal grilled corn laced with butter and burnt sugar so it’s almost like having carmel corn… Yummy! The sweetest end to my night.


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