Ji De Shi, yummy dim sum

I brought mum to try my fav ortie dim sum store in Kuala Lumpur. Not to be confused with Ji De Chi Dessert store in Singapore,Ji De Shi is in Malaysia and has really fresh, tasty and unique dim sum! Just seeing the photos on this post makes me wanna take a flight to KL right now just to have some of these goodies! Yes, I’m a really greedy person that can be easily motivated to cross oceans for food!

My favorite dim sum dish can only be found at this place. I’m not sure what it’s called in English but it’s basically a giant meat ball stuffed with a mixture of vegetables and salted egg. It’s fantastic and I’ve tried all sort of tim sum places in Singapore and Hong Kong and am still unable to find one that has this dish. I assume it is their house specialty and signature dish.

The second main draw to this restaurant is the desert! I love the shaved fruit ice desserts! It’s so yummy and always a great break from the very hot weather in Kuala Lumpur!

It’s actually not the first time that I’ve blogged about loving the food at this restaurant but I always forget the exact location of where I eat during my Malaysia trips. This time I specially took a photo of their addresses so I could share with you!


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