Jeanine Gabrielle BB Cosy

Had this lovingly made by the very pretty Jeanine in December 2010 and had been meaning to blog about it. But the busy Christmas and New Year schedule plus my very last minute travel has delayed the posting till today. I’m still loving this gorgeous customized cover for my Blackberry and I think Jeanine is absolutely talented!

The whole cosy is handmade from scratch so you can practically choose what sort of colors or ideas you want for your phone. And because it’s customized specially, you can ask for it to be made in any dimensions for any phone, cards or even an ipad! I think your imagination is the limit. While mine is Valentino floral inspired, Jeanine can create other designs such as ” Alice in Wonderland”, Miu Miu swallows, cute onigiri and more! Check out her site at to see more!

Of course Jeanine Gabrielle offers more than just phone covers. Her site is a trove of wonderful treasures waiting to be found! From jewelery to bags to apparels and beyond. Everything is handmade so you can be assured of it’s uniqueness. Great for getting gifts for your love ones as you can state what you want to be added to make the gift more memorable.

Don’t wait anymore! Check out Jeanine Gabrielle now!


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