Jazz Festival

I know this is silly but since I did a post at 09:09 am, I thought I’ll do another 09:09pm post =)

After all, I won’t live to see another 09.09.09

Well, if it seems as if I’m blogging very frequently these days, it’s because I am! I’ve got tons of photos that I owe my friends and they’ve been bugging about my slowness. So since I am around these days I thought I better catch up.

Some time ago, I took Louis and Emmie to have a little picnic with friends at Sentosa during the Jazz Festival.

The food and the company were really good. But I was a tad disappointed at the music… to put it politely, it just wasn’t my kinda jazz. Still I had lovely parma ham, yummy sushi and crackers with cheese that more than made up for it!

I didn’t stay too late cause I promised my mum I’ll play MJ with her and left about midnight. Sorry about that guys!

Photos with one of my favourite girls, Clara. I love how she does her french braid. And so effortlessly as well!

Here’s a short video clip of the jazz festival at Sentosa.


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