Japan March 2008

This is a very overdue post!! Won’t go much into the details of where to go and what to do in tokyo cause I’ve done similar posts before… you can check the archives. But here are some pictures to share with you from my last Japan Trip! It was pretty cold but the food was good!!!

I love Japanese food and looking at these pictures really makes me drool. I ordered 3 egg tamagos cause that’s what I normally order in singapore. But those in Japan were so huge! Just look at the size compared to my face! And the rice is so little… I feel so cheated in Singapore!

I know Japanese desserts are usually too sweet for most people to handle. But generally Singaporeans fair better cause we have a pretty sweet tooth.

Other than just going to the countless of shopping centers and shops to browze… I took a off beaten road to see where the adventure would take me.

Found a natural bamboo forest! It looks just like the movie! And there was also a dead red fox in the forest…

The picture below is one of my favorite among my Japan photos.

Gotta run! But will share more pictures of Renzze in Japan in the next post!


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