It's 7C here!

I’ve been receiving lots of emails about various topics recently but I have to remind my dear readers that I’m away down under and would not be able to attend to each and every email. In fact at the moment my priority goes to  work emails and those from close friends or family. I’m sure you understand right? And when I do have any spare time would I look through emails or approve comments in moderation.

I’m spending time with one of my bestie and it’s been great even though the weather is 7C on a sunny afternoon here. We have breakfast and watch DVDs in bed while we catch up on all the events we’ve missed in each other’s life. She’s my oldest friend and this year probably marks our 23rd year as friends. So even though we are usually continents apart, somehow our friendship survived it all.

I’ve quite a number of friends scattered around all over the different states so I’ll do a little state hopping to meet them. But meanwhile, my Japan trip photos will still be churning up on my blog as they were scheduled.


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