Island hopping

Rise and shine, early and bright! Off to the jetty we go for some breakfast and then island hopping on a boat!

The boat ride was a lot of fun as we danced and bobbed our way, playing DJ for the rest of the crowd. Our first destination was to Loh Samah Bay.

We were all excited about the gorgeous clear waters and couldn’t wait to go snorkeling and swimming at Loh Samah and Pileh Cove! I think the photos speak for themselves! It was such a beautiful day!

You can see plenty of corals and fishes and I think it’s a pity that none of us brought an underwater camera with us! It would have been so much fun! The limestone cliff side made the whole area so sheltered and exclusive!

I was told that under these waters, there is an amazing underwater gorge which is fantastic for night scuba diving expeditions. I didn’t manage to do any of that this trip but I’m definitely going to KIV that for my next trip!

We had all started with life vests but found that snorkeling with the vest is actually more tiring then without. So if you can swim, it’s best to go without!

After our lovely swim in the bay, it was back to the boat so we could go on to the next island!


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