Instagram Galore 2011

I’ve been hooked on this iPhone application called instagram for quite awhile. I started on it while using my iphone 3S, then it was the ipad 2 and then it was super addictive when I had my iPhone4S. It’s so convenient to just snap a photo and load it up online. Now you can view my latest instagram photos on my side bar and to commemorate this new addition on my blog, I’m going to share with you my past instagram photos of my 2011! This is gonna be a super long post!

Baked another cake today : cupcake on a cake


At the official store opening!


She’s so fun in real life!


Gonna attend the closing night of ScreenSingapore.


Tom Hanks signed Woody!


Made a cake with cream roses.


Ice-cream Sundae.


My godson Leonidas.


At Nu Ren Wo Zui Da, Sasa event.


Godson Leo goes retro.


Godson Leo! Chubby Boy!


Bye Bye Singapore!


Ai Xin Noodles made for me by Clara.


Strawberry Tart to-die-for from Laurent Melbourne.


My really tired driver.


Missing Melb’s french toast!


Bye Bye PC and all my memories 🙁


At the Vichy bloggers workshop.


Checking them out at Super Target Store.


Tempted to buy the missoni luggage… It even comes with a shoe bag, 2 laundry bags and a toiletries bag.


These were super comfy.


I’ll get these Missoni ballet flats if they can find my size!


Loved the movie! Love Brad Pitt too!


On the way to the hotel at NY Times Square after a flight delay.


Paid a visit to the set of wisteria lane on desperate housewives today 🙂


My new book clutch from Kate Spade.


The Berry Cocktail is soooooooo gooood!


Been having way too much meats… Having a salad to balance out my meal.




I need my cuppa chocolate to start the day.


Duffy my new companion.


Ma Masion again 🙂


Yay! Got one extra meatball! #IKEASingapore


Korean Dinner!


I love desserts.


My sister stole my Duffy to hug to bed.


I’m soooooooooo tired and my sis still wants me to take photo with her.


Okie, my sister’s last pic with Duffy before I chase her home so I can sleep!


Stuck for so long in traffic that I have time to take photo and twit while waiting for movement 🙁


Blueberry pancakes for Christmas Eve Brunch!


A beer break for the boys after last minute Christmas shopping.


Found this on my table when I got to the office! So sweet!


My new Singapore Turf Club calendar for 2012.


On the plane!


In the hotel after a Thai massage.


Room service after shopping!


Waiting to board our cruise for fireworks and champagne on the water. Countdown to 2012!! Happy New Year!


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