In Zurich

How was everyone’s Christmas celebration? I had a wonderful and very busy weekend attending parties and throwing my own Christmas dinner for friends. It’s been a hectic year and my photos are all unsorted and unorganized so it’ll be awhile before the photos are up on my blog. But I will definitely put them up as soon as I have time to watermark and upload them all.

On my holiday photo front, I just uploaded the last few photos from Switzerland in which I spent my time in the city of Zurich.

Being the largest city of Switzerland, it has numerous art galleries, museums, clubs and quaint little eateries to explore. Some indoors, some outdoors and some even in horse stables. It was just a perfect little city for wandering and chilling out with a glass in hand, watching people pass by.

I will be posting about Zurich in my next few posts in my attempt to share the remaining photos from my trip to Switzerland.




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