I'm now a ClubCouture Fashion Ambassador

I’m really glad to be a part of ClubCoutures family. I was smitten after the very 1st outfit they sent me. You all might recall the lovely black maxi with sexy straps at the back which I wore in Bali. ( Click here if you want to see the full post.)

ClubCouture is an international fashion label and have been prominent in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. And I’m glad it has picked Singapore to expand its’ business.

It’s not everyday that a girl like me stumbles upon a fantastic well established online retailer that gives the reassurance and professionalism surpassing many boutiques’ services. Being able to work with a company that cares and listens to their customers and ensures high quality products is very important to me. I will never bring something I don’t personally trust to my readers.

ClubCouture brings in new arrivals daily so it’s difficult not to get tempted every time I go to their site. In fact I wore this black and white eyelet dress on my trip to Penang and garnered tons of praises even though it was such a simple design. These pictures are actually a sneak peek to my trip since I haven’t gotten around uploading the rest of the trip’s photos. I just had to share with you the lovely dress first!

Having designers from different part of the world means there’s something for everyone. Although their clothes comes in limited quantity to maintain exclusivity so if you see something you like, you better grab on fast! I had considered 3 dresses previously from their site but since I was abroad I decided to hold the ordering till I was back in Singapore. 2 days later, all 3 pieces were out of small sizes… Argh!!!! In the end, I went ahead and ordered 1 of the dress ( a long sleeve dress) in medium and I intend to alter it to fit. It was too pretty to just let go even though it was out of stock in my size. When I received the package, it was everything I imagined it to be and I was so glad to have ordered it! I’m gonna send it to the seamstress after Christmas and hopefully you’ll get to see me wearing it sometime in January!

I will still enjoy shopping at boutiques and travelling the world to find little fashion gems to add to my wardrobe collection but as far as online shopping for clothes go, I found my mecca in ClubCouture. And since it is international, it means I can send my girlfriends working, studying or living in US, UK and Australia surprise gifts by ordering through the site. It’ll save me all the hassle of going to the post office and having to pack the items neatly.

And in light of the coming Christmas spirit of giving, I have 2 great offers to share with you. Firstly, if you shop at ClubCouture , just enter RENZZE15 at the shopping bag before you check out and you will get 15% off your merchandise!

And the 2nd piece of good news is…

ClubCouture is currently having a Christmas Wishlist Giveaway!

Simply put, just click here ( or use the image link on my sidebar) to go to ClubCouture to start your Christmas List. Browse and add the items that you would love to receive for your Christmas presents and if you’ve been a good girl this year, Santa (or in this case, ClubCouture) might pick you to win $100 worth of items! One lucky gal will have her dreams come true every week! And the since there is no purchase necessary, there’s nothing to lose… so go and do up your wish list now!

I’ve already done mine =) Here I am sharing my personal ClubCouture wishlist below with all of you! I even added my own comments under each of my wish items! Friends and family, send me yours!

If you have a friend, family or love one that with the best of intentions always seems to give you gifts that you don’t really fancy, you could also email them your wishlist so they don’t have to search high and low for that perfect gift for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that gorgeous ClubCouture satin dress you saw on the site instead of a copy of a book you already bought for yourself or a vase that looks pretty but have no place in your home. Make the spirit of giving easier on your love ones and yourself!

The best part? Whether you win the Christmas Wishlist Contest, or get a present from a good pal or buy it as a Christmas gift for yourself, you will always emerge looking fabulous at late-night soirées or Christmas parties with ClubCouture‘s glamorous styles.

So head on to www.clubcouture.cc today.


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