How about an ipad or a Xbox for you?

Remember N.E.mation! 7 and all the hard work that the teams have put into it? Well, the animation clips are finally out and ready for viewing!!! (I’ve been waiting to see the teams’ clips for the longest time.) Now, not only can you view and ‘wow’ at the awesome work the 10 teams have done, you can also have a part to play in deciding which teams should win!

Running for the seventh year, N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organized by Nexus for youths to creatively express their thoughts on Total Defence.  The theme this year is ” Together We Overcome” and while most students spent their end year holidays having an easy time, 10 teams worked their butts off to create beautiful animation clips! It’s so incredible and professional you probably find it easier to believe an experience advertising agency created them rather than a couple of teeny boppers. But this competition proves beyond any doubt that Singaporean students are both talented and hardworking. It makes me really proud to be a part of their progress and now you can be a part of it too!

Simply visit on your PC or mobile devices and watch all 10 clips. Vote for your three favourite clips, and stand to win attractive prizes like the iPad (with Retina Display, WiFi + Cellular), Xbox 360 Kinect, iPad mini, Canon products, Universal Studios Singapore passes and more!

There are 4 methods of voting

1. If you are reading this post from your PC or Mac, please open a tab or browser and visit . You can view all the clips and vote for your 3 favorite ones.

2. I know you probably visit facebook everyday so you also can also navigate to to vote!

3. For those on the move and rely on their smartphone for everything (from taking photos to ordering dinner), you can also use your smart phone to visit to view and vote for the clips.

4. If you are more of a traditionalist, then maybe you prefer to SMS in your vote to 76677. Send it in the below format.


Example: NE7 WEB C01 C02 C03 S1234567A BEN TAN WEI CHEN

Those below 21 years of age must seek parental consent to participate in the SMS Voting. Standard SMS rate applies.

This also means there are 4 chances for you to win so vote all 4 ways!

The clips are super entertaining with a strong underlying message that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy and a pride in you heart.

Although I personally think that even without any prizes, you’ll be driven to vote after watching the stunning clips, N.E.mation!7 makes it so much sweeter by throwing in so many exciting prizes! Just see the list below!

Voting is from 18 January to 7 February 2013!  So please vote now!

Please note that each vote must be for three different N.E.mation! 7 clips.

Each person is only allowed to vote once on each of the voting platforms. 

Since winner for the prizes is drawn from the pool of voters who voted for the winning clip, you can either spread out the chances among the 10 clips or vote for the best clip with multiple chances to be drawn.  Encourage your family and friends to vote too!

Of course, I’ll be voting Yarney Barney (C09) and ShinyGirls (C07) to win… and it wouldn’t hurt to have your support for my two teams too! Thank you in advance!


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